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Unitized large glass aluminum wall system

Unitized aluminum and glass wall system is a large aluminum and glass wall system that is manufactured, processed and finished
finished into panels right from the factory, then transported to the construction site for installation
overall construction and finishing. Unitized large glass aluminum wall is best used for projects with
uniform surface and the floors have the same height.
The feature of the unitized glass erection plan is that the aluminum and glass frames are manufactured
factory finished production and assembly, including finishing the entire composition of each panel
aluminum and glass frames – called Modules.
These finished modules are then transported from the factory to the site and used
specialized lifting equipment to bring to the pre-assembled positions. Mounting positions
This joint has been pre-set with codes from the time of concrete pouring of the floor and columns under the supervision
monitoring of the team of engineers and measuring equipment to achieve coordinates.
– The surface of the large aluminum and glass wall is uniform, so it ensures the aesthetic criteria
– Easy construction, fast construction time to meet the requirements of demanding projects
urgent progress.
- Strictly control product quality at the factory.
The system is solid, the ability to stick is especially good, adapts to the impact of the epidemic
moving of the building.

- Closed structure, ensuring sound insulation, heat insulation and waterproofing for the building.
– Does not take up much space and construction area at the construction site.
– Large walls and frames, ensuring visibility and structural aesthetics for all works.
– The price is higher than the big aluminum and glass wall of the Stick system.
– The transportation of panels to the construction site is more complicated.

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