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Compact HPL Toilet partition

Compact HPL . Partition
Compact HPL sheet is a solid core rigid sheet made up of many layers of Phenonic pressed under high temperature (150℃) and high pressure (1430psi), outside covered with an aesthetic color paper soaked in Melamine resin (Melamine). resin).

The outstanding advantages of Compact HPL are high hardness, durability in oxidizing environments, 100% water resistance, fire resistance, acidic chemical resistance. The surface of the Compact HPL sheet is covered with a layer of Melamine that is resistant to abrasion, bacteria and mold, so the product's durability is high, easy to clean and safe for users. The variety of colors and textures of the aesthetic paper layer helps users have more options to match the design space of the project.

Compact HPL panels commonly used as toilet partitions today have a thickness of 12mm, standard sheet sizes are 1220 x 1830 and 1530 x 1830.

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