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Compact HPL Toilet partition
Compact HPL (High Pressure laminate), also known as solid phenolic, is a paper fiber-based solid surface material that is warmer to the touch than typical acrylic or polyester materials.

Definition: Compact HPL is essentially very thick HPL, up to and exceeding half-an-inch. Extra layers of phenolic resin-saturated kraft paper in the core gives it its thickness and strength, as well as its characteristic black or brown color. Some manufacturers offer a wider variety of core colors.

It can carry a decorative and wear layer like HPL, although some designers prefer the “organic look” of the natural kraft paper surface. Compact HPL edges can be machined to a smoothness exceeding that of solid surface material.
• Resistant to water, moisture, stain, graffiti, bacteria growth, scratch, impact, fire, cigarette burns and colour change
• Provides good dimensional stability and flatness
• Provides self-supporting function
• Resistant to frost and heat
• Non-corrosive and permanent
• Easy to clean
• Physiologically safe
• Meets stringent hygiene requirements, surface edges can be disinfected
• Resistance against organic solvents
• Low electrostatic charge-up
• Easy installation, space saving and easy to process
• Low smoke emission
• Greenguard certified
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Multipurpose Compact HPL has a wide field of applications:
- Toilet and Shower Partition
- Lockers
- Laboratory Top
- Cabinet
- Vanity top
- Compact Door
- Interior and exterior Wall Cladding
- Office Furniture
- School Furniture





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