Hantek Company

Sliding doors

- When opening and closing does not affect the space and usable area of the room.
- Avoid the risk of extinguishing winds.
- Lets make large doors.
- Lower price than other types of doors.
- Highly aesthetic: large and luxurious aluminum and glass doors help expand the space
and create an overview of the room.
- Convenient for cleaning and saving on door maintenance costs.
- The aluminum surface is painted to prevent corrosion and fading under the effects of
- Using aluminum profile bar is separated by high insulation layer by Polyamit strip,
along with EPDM gasket system and synchronized metal accessories, so that it has
high sound and thermal insulation properties.
- Bearing capacity and high safety.
Materials of construction:
- Shaped aluminum profile bar (door frame, wing frame).
- Glasses (single glass, box glass).
- Double rubber washer system ensures tight, tight.
- Hardware accessories: roller latch, handle, lock

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