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C85-Shaped Ceiling

SKU: C85
Specification: 85mm
Color: White, Emulsion (RAL)
Material: Aluminum 1100 – 3003 (H24, stainless steel)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Applications: Office buildings, Schools, Hospitals, commercial centers, sports centers, airport terminals, banks, hotels, telecommunications centers, television centers....
Characteristics: Stability, sound absorption and noise reduction, flame retardant, no oxidation, high color fastness, environmental protection, economic efficiency in use....
Description: The C85-Shaped Hantek aluminum ceiling system consists of 85mm wide, round edge panels, linked to the C85 bone bar. Ceiling panels made of aluminum coated with heat paint are durable, lightweight and reusable. Sheet lengths are manufactured on request, up to 6000mm, which can be joined by a plate joint. Between the plates there is an open circuit 16mm wide, sealed by a connecting rod of the same size. The link rod is constructed and disassembled easily by hand without the need for specialized equipment. Black bare bones, made from 0.5mm thick heat-painted painted steel, with eyelets allow mounting of ceiling panels with a standard module of 100mm. The standard bone rod is 3000mm long, which can be connected by a bone joint. Standard edge braces are used as contours, ensuring aesthetics.
Warranty: 2 years

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