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C300-Shaped Ceiling

Aluminum Ceiling C300-Shaped
SKU: C300
Specification: 300mm
Color: White (RAL)
Material: Aluminum 1100 – 3003 (H24, stainless steel)
Thickness: 0.9mm
Applications: Office buildings, Schools, Hospitals, commercial centers, sports centers, airport terminals, banks, hotels, telecommunications centers, television centers....
Characteristics: Stability, sound absorption and noise reduction, flame retardant, no oxidation, high color fastness, environmental protection, economic efficiency in use....
Description: Self-contained C300-Shaped Hantek aluminum ceiling system, distinguished from other ceiling types by the beveled edge, when installed, will show a smooth feel. Ceiling panels made of 0.9mm thick heat-coated aluminum, manufactured to required lengths, up to 6000mm. The standard bone rod is 3000mm long. Plates can be joined together by a plate joint, while bones are joined by a bone joint. Standard border braces are used as contours, ensuring aesthetics.
Warranty: 2 years

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