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Semi Unitized large glass aluminum wall system

- Semi Unitized is a hybrid façade system between 2 traditional Stick systems and the
Advanced unitized.
- With Semi Unitized system, the process of machining and gluing the structure is carried out at the factory,
The installation of the structural aluminum frame and the complete system assembly is carried out at the construction site
- Semi Unitized system is widely used in office and hotel buildings
and commercial centers with moderate elevation.
* Components of a module:
- The module is made up of load-bearing vertical bars, horizontal bars, sub-frames, glass and accessories
* Advantages of Semi Unitized facade system:
- Structural gluing is carried out at the factory, so quality control is guaranteed.
- The construction of structural aluminum frame (main frame) Semi Unitized is carried out in parallel with
Gluing the subframe structure - glass at the factory should ensure the work is always smooth
and progress is also faster than Stick system construction.

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