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Awood decking floor

Awood outdoor wood flooring is crystallized from 40% plastic and 60% wood. Awood WPC is wood plastic composite decking widely used as outdoor projects such as garden, swimming pool deck, resort walkways, sightseeing docks, fences, sunshades, flower trellises... .

The outstanding properties of AWOOD . plastic wood

Using Japanese MITSU technology without harmful additives, AWOOD wood flooring is an environmentally friendly, nature-friendly material.
Constructed mainly from wood and plastic, AWOOD has the toughness of plastic and the hardness of wood. It is an outdoor material that lasts up to 20 years
Fast construction, easy installation, life-long colors, so using AWOOD is to save installation time and maintenance costs.
Water resistance, fire resistance, no warping, anti-rot, diverse products with many applications for outdoor works make AWOOD the perfect plastic wood material for outdoor construction.

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