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Greenwood decking floor

GreenWood outdoor plastic wood flooring
With the trend of using outdoor materials in interior and exterior designs being popular in Vietnam and advanced countries in the world, materials are highly demanded in terms of weather resistance, aesthetics and flexibility. in decoration without much impact on the structure of the building at a reasonable cost. Laminate flooring for outdoor use is a perfect choice for public buildings, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, loggia balconies...

GreenWood outdoor wooden floor - manufactured from HDPE, wood pulp / rice husk and additives on modern technology lines. EcoDeck brings the beauty of natural wood without termites, is environmentally friendly, resistant to outdoor weather, does not crack on the surface. EcoDeck has two types of products: perforated floor and solid floor, the wood retains its beautiful color during use.

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High aesthetics, bring luxury beauty
Not rotten, degenerate over time
Withstands outdoor weather
No termites
Low maintenance cost
Environmental friendliness
Slow to ignite
Outdoor plastic wood flooring products are now widely used in swimming pool flooring, outdoor garden, balcony flooring ... In addition, plastic wood materials are used in fence and truss items. flowers, sunshades ... increase the beauty of luxury as well as add relaxing entertainment spaces for the family.

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