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The window is open
- Ensure sound insulation, good heat insulation and tightness.
– Ensure ventilation for the room but still keep the discreet look, avoid rain.
– Using lightweight materials contributes to reducing the load of the construction.
– Aluminum bars are designed with hollow cavities and reasonable reinforcements, so the door has
the better the bearing capacity.
– Vibration, compression and impact force from the outside.
– Large, luxurious aluminum and glass doors, connecting and expanding the space, creating a panoramic view
shouted for the room.
- Suitable for many types of building architecture.
- Economy in use.
– Aluminum is a highly durable, lightweight material compared to other materials, along with a copper locking system
The kit should create tightness, tightness and high safety for the works.
The painted aluminum surface contributes to the door's resistance to corrosion and color fading
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Composition Material:
– Aluminum profile bar (door frame, wing frame).
– Glass (single glass, glass box).
- Double rubber gasket system ensures tightness and tightness.
– Metal accessories system: multi-point latch, A-hinge, handle, lock.

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