Hantek Company

Opening Doors

- Light materials contribute to reduce the load of the building.
- Has soundproofing, thermal insulation and tightness.

- Made from shaped aluminum profiles with reasonable reinforced lives to increase
bearing capacity and high safety for the project.
- Diverse sizes, styles, suitable for many types of architecture.
- Suitable for Vietnamese usage habits.
- Highly aesthetic: large and luxurious aluminum and glass doors help expand the space
and create an overview of the room.
- Convenient for cleaning and saving on door maintenance costs.
- The aluminum surface is painted to prevent corrosion and fading under the effects of
Materials of construction:
- Shaped aluminum profile bar (door frame, wing frame).
- Glasses (single glass, box glass).
- Double rubber washer system ensures tight, tight.
- Hardware accessories: roller latch, 3D hinge (adjustable in 3 dimensions), handles,

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