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ALU PUNCHING – Perforated Aluminum Sheet

ALU PUNCHING – Perforated Aluminum Sheet
In modern architecture, the appearance of perforated aluminum panels in interior and exterior design has created an attractive and attractive trend that won the hearts of many homeowners who love modern style and design. The break. As a result, the application of perforated aluminum sheets has become more and more diverse and has reached a higher level.

So what is perforated aluminum sheet?

Perforated aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy product, with the surface being punched with large and small holes, diverse according to design requirements.

Currently, perforated aluminum panels are developing strongly in the field of architecture. It is no exaggeration to say that perforated metal is in its heyday. Because of the applicability as well as the aesthetic value that it brings.

The equipment used for punching metal can be: stamping machine, die, CNC laser punching machine or punching roller.


In terms of architecture, the largest application of perforated aluminum sheet is applied to building facades. Because of the flexibility of diverse products, architects can freely create works of art without being limited by color or actual construction.

Especially with houses facing the sun, houses facing the street. Perforated aluminum is a great material to block out heat, dust, and outside noise.

Next is the application for ceilings, hall ceilings, corridors...

Ceilings using perforated aluminum panels will bring great efficiency for sound absorption, especially effective for areas that need to reduce noise such as hospitals, schools...

Besides, perforated aluminum ceiling also brings a modern architectural look, rich variety, easy in construction, installation and cleaning.

Room Partitions
Room dividers should be designed with a certain openness. Just ensure the separation of functional areas. Both create a sense of ventilation and enhance aesthetics.

In addition, there are many other applications that architects can freely create to suit the architectural space of each project.

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