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Stick system

Stick Curtain Walling (SCW) may be defined as non-load bearing walls, usually
suspended in front of structural steel or concrete framing. The deadweight of the SCW
with environmental forces acting upon them is transferred back to the main structure
through the SCW fixing points.
The term “stick” refers to the factory-cut mullions and transoms which are transported to
site as loose bars or sticks. However it is possible to assemble them into a ladder
frame for quicker site assembly.
Main Advantages
• Quicker production processes in the factory
• Can be transported to site in shorter lead times than unitised facades
Main Disadvantages
• Slow process of assembly on site
• Gasket cutting and silicone sealing at mullion/transoms joints is critical to the
watertightness of the curtain wall
• Trained and skilled workers and supervisiors must be used
Stick system
– Stick is known as a traditional curtain wall system. It was invented first before all
existing systems. With Stick system, all the work (the process of installing aluminium frame and glass) is performed at construction site.
– Stick system is usually used for low-rise building such as shopping mall, office
building, school, hospital and other public projects.

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– Stick system is a combination of various aluminium bars including vertical, horizontal
bars, glass and other fittings.
* Advantages of Stick syste
- It is a fundamental system which is easy to design, fabricating and installing.
- High mobility, easily apply to different projects.
- Competitive in price compare to other systems.
- Weak points
- Quality control of products at the construction site will be more difficult than that of
Unitized construction system, requiring high skill level of construction workers and the
presence of many specialized engineers right at the construction site.
- Construction time is longer, requires many stages of construction right at the site.
- The implementation of construction is carried out largely from the outside of the
building: must prepare many lifting and swinging equipment for workers to work.
- Requires a spacious warehouse space to store materials, storage time, materials
management extends throughout the construction process.