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Alcotop Korea panel – Made in Vietnam

ALCOTOP acquired ISO 9001, KS (Korean standard) and PSB test from singapore for nonflammable aluminium Composite panel (class one Vo) those are certifying that in meets the requirement of the quality assurance standard for the designated products

The surface of ALCOTOP is coated with PVDF resin, more than 70% of which is based on KYNAR 500 (from world famous maker P.P.G. - which assured the quality of this material for more than 20 years). KYNAR 500 is a Polyvinylidene fluoride that is used by leading coating formulators as a base vehicle in long life coatings for aluminum, galvanized steel and aluminized steel. Its formulations exhibit long-life color retention and resistance to fading and chalking. They provide an excellent low-maintenance exterior finish.

KYNAR 500 based finishes meet or exceed the physical test performance criteria of the America Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA Specification 605.2) for high-performance organic coatings on architectural surfaces and panels.


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 Front : 0.5mm thick PVDF coated Al. sheet 
 Core : 3mm thick LDPE or Fire Retardant (Fr) core
 Rear : 0.5mm thick primer coated Al. sheet
 Avail. thickness : 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm
 Standard size : 1,250 / 1,020mm W x less 4,000mm L
 Tolerance in thickness (+/- 0.2mm), width (+/- 2mm) & length (+/- 4mm)


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